What is Doorstep Loans?

The doorstep loans are among the most reliable financial choices when you want the money walk to your door. These are basically personal loans given at the home of the borrower. They are easy to reach online and we at Loan Credit Lender provide you funds at your place with only the best possible deals. Nothing different or complicated counts in the procedure.


Financial decisions should be informed and for that, one needs to know about both the sides of a coin. Take a look below and gather some important facts about the doorstep cash loans:

Doorstep funding PROS

Doorstep funding CONS

Convenience to discuss your requirements face-to-face in the comfort of home.

Interest rates are higher.

Supportive for those with no bank account, without job, have physical illness.

Very bad credit people may not get approval

Easy to repay with home collection facility for repayments.

Short-term loans with a small amount limit to borrow.

Change the repayment plans in the middle of the tenure.

No auto debit for repayments. Restriction to stay at home to give instalments to home collection agent.

Immediate approval decision and timely disbursement through instant doorstep loans.

The home visits of the loan agent can be problematic if you are out of city.

We do everything with utmost attention. Nothing goes out of your comfort zone. For the face-to-face conversation, we call you to fix the meeting with our loan agent. Just tell the convenient time and day and our loan agent unfailingly comes to you. OUR concern is to take care of YOUR concern. The conversation with the credit representative is friendly. After a study of your financial details and loan requirements, if everything goes well which usually happens, you get the loan amount in cash at the very same time.

The Beneficiary Bucket

The doorstep cash loans are provided to anyone. However, this concept basically aims to serve some particular categories of customers that include -

  • People who are physically unfit
  • People with no bank account
  • People living on benefits
  • People who are unemployed

Note - Other applicants with no above conditions can also apply.

Why Would You Need A Doorstep Loan?

There are multiple reasons that make people apply for doorstep loans. The convenience and flexible policies that are offered with these loans make them more inviting. You may have a bad credit score and high street / traditional lenders have denied your loan application. People, who find mainstream lenders intimidating and trust face-to-face conversation from the lender or his agent, will always prefer to borrow money through home credit service with no credit check.

The unemployed too find this product quite useful as they can borrow money on the time and day convenient to them. They do not have to miss their scheduled interviews due to long lending procedures. The facility of home collection of loan repayments is also a justifiable reason to apply for such loans. One cannot forget about the people living on benefits. By availing doorstep loans for people on benefits, they can compensate the insufficiency of the cash.






What Benefits You Can Expect On Our Deals?

We strive to give our customers the best experience and follow customer centric strategies to reduce their financial stress. Our procedures are free from the hustle and bustle of complicated lending practices in the UK.

  • Simple online application procedures, which take only two minutes
  • High rate of approvals
  • Same day disbursal at the home of the applicant
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment schedules
  • Serve at the time and day convenient to the borrower.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, the borrower will also get promising alternatives to other counterparts of doorstep loans like the greenwoods doorstep loans.

Bad debts do not stay forever on your credit rating
FOR INSTANCE - County Court Judgements, Individual Voluntary Agreements and bankruptcy stay for 6 years.

Loan Credit Lender is a competent online lender equipped with all advanced financial tools. We capacitate borrowers with the most dependable financial solutions and are committed to keep assisting them in the coming years too.

Bad Credit? Still Can Make the Money Walk to Your Door

Who says you cannot get a loan with bad credit? Of course, you can. The online loans do not exist to follow stereotypes. The repayment capacity of the loan applicant is the first and foremost thing. If that is ‘OK’ then surely you get the approval on the doorstep loans for bad credit.

The acceptable credit score categories are - Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor. You can fall in any of this category without worrying of rejections or denials. In fact, the applicants with inconsistent bad credit can expect more relaxation in the interest rates. This makes the monthly instalments even more affordable. This is what you look for and yearn for. Right? Also, there is no fear of search footprint. Avail funds without any stress through doorstep loans with no credit checks. Best efforts to keep the loan affordable are made to help you do timely repayments.

Repayments are Smooooth with Home Collection

In no case, you need to worry about the loan repayments. Just as the disbursement happens in the friendly conversation with the lender, repayments occur similarly. The credit representative comes to your home, you hand over the instalments. Not only this, in case you want any change in the repayment schedule during the tenure, tell to the concerned loan agent/customer experience manager. Every possible change is done to ensure your convenience. The instalments are not hefty as the whole deal is customised. Manage with ease without any burden on monthly budget.

Loan Offers - Best in Industry

No more dependence on the limited loan choices. Get better alternatives to the doorstep loans like provident. Personalised pricing on rates to repayments with the best possible possibilities to provide flexibility in the loan offer. We put most tailored deal on the table and make sure to fit that in your pocket. From emergency expenses to any small need of funds is easy to tackle without any hassle.

Some obvious features are -

  • Speedy procedures
  • Same day approval decision
  • Face-to-face meeting according to your convenience
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No upfront fee

No Constraint of Employment Status

Get funds despite unemployment. The only thing that is required is the repayment capacity. Prove it and get instant and easy approval on doorstep cash loans for unemployed. No additional cost to compensate the unemployment status. Fair deals with the most possible flexibility in rate quotes and repayments. Present the salary slips of last job and best if there is any other source of income. Any part-time job or earning through freelancing can work. Good, better, best choices are available.

Factors That Can Help You Get Easy Approval

  • Good current income status
  • Good credit history
  • In case of bad credit, poor credit situation should be inconsistent
  • Any additional income in case of unemployment

Choose a loan

Go to our website, use the advanced loan calculator to choose loan amount and tenure.

Submit the online loan application

Fill the required, but only basic financial and personal details, and submit the application.

Get approval decision

Minutes after you submit the application, comes the approval decision. (Approval rate is high)

Receive cash at home

On your convenient time and day, the loan agent comes to your home with loan amount in cash.

High Approval Rate

Never keep the fear of rejection on the loan request. Approval rate on the loan is high. 99% of approval on loan applications is perhaps sufficient to give you the confidence to apply. Fulfil the basic formalities on affordability and nothing is there to stop you from availing funds.

Get Funds in ‘Any to Too Many Cities’

Irrespective of the location and city in the UK, you can get funds in any city. Following are the cities where you can find us near you.

Birmingham - The second most populous city of the United Kingdom and the melting point of social, cultural and financial activities.

Glasgow - Adorned with rural settlement but commercially promising city.

Derby - Known as one of the places where industrial revolution took birth.

Liverpool - The city that grew as the major port in the UK and stayed the centre of commercial activities.

List is unstoppable as our presence is everywhere in the UK. Northampton, Doncaster, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham etc. Everywhere doorstep loans in the UK are available for assured financial assistance.

Loan Credit Lender turns financial impossibilities into possibilities through workable solutions that are speedy.

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