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About loan credit lender

The UK loan marketplace has become vast and only a few of them have their own recognition. Loan Credit Lender is indeed one of them and pledges to offer the best lending process, as it has been doing since its inception. From the easy process of online application to the convenient doorstep service, we always keep the financial interests of borrowers above all. Bad credit and unemployment are only temporary problems and can easily be solved through our personalised loan deals.

Both first-time borrowers and existing borrowers have special place here. They already have plenty to borrow from us and we continuously bring fresh offers for them depending upon individual circumstances. We are the secured lending hub for unsecured loans with minimal interest rates to pay.

Our Loans

Doorstep Loans

Getting a loan has never been easy as it is today. Apply loans and receive funds by sitting at your living room.

Short Term Loans

Don’t let small funding issues to affect you at large. Instead, opt for short term loans and be eligible for quick funding.

Guaranteed Loans

Qualify for long term funding with less interest rates because our guaranteed loans will fulfil your major financial aspirations.

No Guarantor Loans

Why request near and dear ones to take your guarantee. Apply for our no guarantor loans and enjoy the quick solution to your monetary problems.

Bad Credit Loans

Time to manipulate your bad credit record by converting into a good one. Our bad credit loans come with no credit check feature and allow smooth approval.

Payday Loans

Avail funding in minutes and easy repayment option on your next payday. Funds come early and so does your financial solution at your benefits.

Why Choose us

High Acceptance Rate

Come to us and apply for our loans. We not only solve your problem but also satisfy your desires via guaranteed loan approval.

15 Minutes Payout

If you have applied for loans with us, you don’t need to wait even for hours. Money comes at your bank account within 15 minutes after approval.

Hassle-Free Application Setup

Instant approval is assured through a smooth loan application process. No paperwork, no fees and no physical appearance needed.