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Loan Credit Lender holds all the rights of this website ( and does not give anyone to use its specific part, file or document without its prior permission. As the exception, any person, who wants to copy, view, and share or print anything on the website, is liable to follow these conditions:

The Company's name i.e. Loan Credit Lender, shall not be used for advertising purposes or to publicise anything related to any information given in the website without the written permission. If any person is found to do that without the permission of Loan Credit Lender, then he/she may have to face a legal action.

Warranties and Disclaimer Policy

Loan Credit Lender has included everything in its website without giving any oral or implicit warranty including suitable quality, fitness for a specific objective, or non-infringement. As permitted by the concerned authority, Loan Credit Lender has also not included any warranty of errors or lapses in the website or any other documents, which are suggested by or linked from outside sources to the website. The company also excluded verbal or written warranty of references to other organisations, their products and services.

In any condition, Loan Credit Lender is not responsible (only to negligence or violation of legal obligations) in contract, false impression or idea, indirect, incidental or significant damages of any kind, or without any restriction, occurred due to the loss of data, profits or use.

Loan Credit Lender is also not liable to any possible damage or any presumption of liability, coming out from the connection of the site's utilisation or performance. The company gives no warranty of any technical or typographical errors on the website, as the changes are done according to the changes in the given information. The company does take the responsibility of improving or changing at any time the given products or the service mentioned in the website and that will be without any prior notice.

Loan Credit Lender, hereby, declares that all the data and information given on the website is correct only during the date of original submission and no warranty is provided to its continued precision. The company does not have any obligation to update the information until it finds it should do the information correct.

There are certain external hypertext links given on the website that will take users to those websites, which are not under the authorisation of Loan Credit Lender. If anyone visits to those links, he/she will go out from the website and may be regularised to the terms and conditions of that website where they have visited. Loan Credit Lender does not have anything to do with the responsibility or liability of the information given on that website.

No Legal Association with third party

The website is not projected to make any legal or any other kind of association between Loan Credit Lender and any third party. It is abide with English Law and no other influences. The users are responsible for agreement with any regulated laws of the country while accessing the website. The company is not liable towards the information included in its website is not correct or presented for use in other places outside England. However, Loan Credit Lender reserves the right of taking legal proceedings in the jurisdiction of any location where it believes violation of this agreement is done.


This policy describes the privacy principles of Loan Credit Lender. We collect information for processing your loan applications and providing you the latest updates on the offered products. It helps us improve your experience when you visit our website. We do not forward personal data or information given by you to any third party. In order to check that we are providing your desired information, we may monitor to ensure whether you have clicked on any link or images given on the website.

Information that we collect

In order to stay in regular touch to our customers, we need some basic information about our customers and for that, we collect the following information-

By providing your information on our website, you consent to use your information to send you timely notifications about any latest piece of information that we think is necessary to communicate to our customers.