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What is a No Guarantor Loan?

A no guarantor loan is an amount of money that you can borrow without a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who enters into a contract with you when your credit history is not stellar. The terms and conditions remain the same as in the case of other short-term loans. The only difference is the guarantor will take over repayments when you fail to pay off the debt.

Arranging a guarantor with a good credit history is almost impossible, therefore Loan Credit Lender provides no guarantor loans to borrowers with bad credit history. In fact, these loans are unsecured. Your repayment capacity and income statement will serve the basis for deciding a disbursal limit.

Can You Avail Loans with No Guarantor?

YES. Loan-Bank assists the people with no guarantor loans that really help in overcoming sudden crises. Since our beginning, we have been relentlessly offering quick funds on easy terms with no guarantee. We want to give financial freedom irrespective of the scores of the customers without charging any extra fee.

Loans without guarantors are basically short-term funding that doesn't require a guarantor to co-sign the loan application along with the primary borrower. People with poor credit scores or no credit profile stand an assured chance to avail such funds with no time delay.

Same Day Loan Approval with No Hidden Charges

We are committed to help borrowers in securing their financial life. Our professional team continuously work's for the financial well-being of the customers and keeps offering fresh deals on no guarantor loans. All the applications are approved through instant decisions and funds are transferred on same day.

Earlier, availing a loan with no guarantor and no fee was a dream. Now, it has become a reality just because of the reliable online lenders in the UK. We are one of them and our priority is to offer guaranteed lending solutions to the customers without keeping any charges hidden under the carpet. We believe in ethical lending and always strive for 100% borrowers' satisfaction.

No Limitations for Bad Credit People

We don't believe in troubling our customers by asking credit rating reports or any other supporting documents. You can easily avail loans no guarantor no broker for bad credit people on flexible repayment schedules.

A borrower with low credit score faces a financial crisis and can't pay high-value installments. Therefore, in order to impart more freedom, we offer loan duration from 3 months to 5 years. Our loans without credit check and guarantor allow borrowers to avail assured funds without any paperwork.

A few minutes require completing a simple and straightforward online application procedure.

Competitive Interest Rates on No Guarantor Loans

We have a dream to see our customers in the UK to be more prosperous and financially independent. Therefore, without thinking twice, we offer loans without guarantors on competitive interest rates and you can rely on our APR without any hesitation. For getting a clear idea on the APR, you can check a representative example presented on our website.


What loans can I get without a guarantor?

You can take out all short-term loans including bad credit and doorstep loans without a guarantor. Remember that you are likely to pay the whole of the debt in lump sum. The lender will lend you on basis of your repayment capacity.

Can I borrow money if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can borrow money if you have lost your full-time job. Such loans fall in the category of unemployed loans. These are also unsecured loans and do not require a guarantor. However, a lender will approve your application only when you justify your repayment capacity by showing other income sources like freelancing or a rental income.

Can I get a loan without a guarantor?

Yes, you can get a loan without a guarantor despite a less-than-perfect credit score provided you are applying for small loans. If you want a long-term loan, you must have a good credit history otherwise you may need to arrange a guarantor.

How can I borrow money without a guarantor?

Since the lending industry has introduced convenient lending criteria, you do not need to get into hassle. You must have the internet. Browse the website, fill out the loan application and submit it. It takes hardly a few minutes to complete initial stage approval process. Once approved, you will get funds within the same day.

Which loan company is best for bad credit?

You will have to do online research to get the best bad credit deal. Several direct lenders are out there offering these loans at different interest rates. Each one follows different criteria. Make a list of direct lenders whom you would like to apply to. Try to know interest rates they charge and compare them. Choose the one who offers the loan at the lowest possible interest rate.

How can I get a loan without a credit check?

Bad credit loans without a guarantor require soft credit check, but they do not pull your credit score as they do not show up on your credit report. However, you can get a loan with no credit check even if your credit score is poor. The lender will approve your application after considering your income statement.

Can I get a loan with bad credit without a bank account?

To apply for a bad credit loan, you must have a functional bank account as the money will directly be transferred to it. However, you do not need to have a bank account if you are applying for an unemployed loan and a doorstep loan.