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When you are employed, and apply for a loan, there are many things or reasons to consider you for an approval. You have a regular income, which ensures the most important thing that is repayment capacity. This is the prime concern of the lender and the applicant with a good repayment capacity always gets the preference. On the other side of the coin, when the applicant is jobless, there are many things that a lender needs to consider. In no case, there should be any possibility of any default in future.

Eligibility criteria for payday loans –

The concern of the lending company becomes even more serious when you apply for payday loans for unemployed. These are the high interest loans with a little hefty instalment, it is very important the loan bearer carry a good financial efficiency. Certain factors or determinants help the lender to know about your capacity to bear a loan. Once it is proved, the approval is given on the application.

Look below and know about the decisive aspects the lenders consider to say ‘YES’ on a loan request.

  1. Credit Score Status

The importance of credit rating is undeniable in the lending industry and when it comes to unemployed loans, it is vital. You do not have any current income, thanks to the adverse ‘no job’ situation. However, if your credit score or credit history is good, there is certainly something that the direct lender can see as positive. Good credit rating and record means, you are a person of discipline in your financial life. Timely repayments of debts, bills, no pending obligations, all these things show in the credit records. If everything looks perfect and on time, the applicant gains a good image in the eyes of the loan provider. However, it is very important to mention here that now with online lending, it is possible to get funds with bad credit also.

  1. Additional Income (if any)

It is a great thing to have an additional income, even a penny that you earn extra comes in income. It is quite natural nowadays to do part-time or freelance with the main job. This can be a big support in qualifying for the loan. Promising financial situation drives the lender towards approval of the application. Forget not to show your extra or additional income sources. From a smallest to a big source of earning extra pennies can really change in the game in your favour.


PAYDAY LENDERS NOTE – Whatever Is The Source Of Income, It Should Be Regular And Adequate Enough to Bear a Loan Obligation.


What To See When You Apply For A Payday Loan?

The chances of approval depend a lot on how and from where you apply for the loan. You get government benefits but sends the application to a lender that does not consider people on benefits, then rejection is sure to come.

  • Try to get the cheapest rate quote

For sure, the payday loans are higher in rates. Reason? They come with super instant decision on 30 seconds and disbursal of funds in just 10 minutes. Also, there is no obligation involved. But customisation is a powerful tool to bring the deal in your favour.

  • Look for bad credit loan choice in case of less-than-perfect scores

Of course, you need a bad credit payday loan if the credit rating in your financial records shows any imperfection. Do not worry, there are many in the loan market with payday funding for bad credit borrowers.

‘Most Instant’ approval decision

It is true that payday loans come with instant approval but forget not that for an unemployed, situations can be different. Any credit score issue or weakness on repayment capacity may cause new problems. The ‘instant decision payday loans’ are common in their existence with instant approval. It is important to see, if they act in your case in the same manner or not.

The above are the DETERMINANTS and the points of caution while searching a payday loan option. Make sure to keep them in your mind and apply in the right way. Financial crisis with unemployment is a fragile situation and leaves no space for any flaws. For sure, you know how to avoid them with patience.